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Jackie Burgoa

RE: Want to quit your job? Want to work from home? Want to create a steady flow of income? Need more free time?

If you’re on this page, you probably want to start earning money from home...right?

But how do you replace your income (like, enough to actually live on) if you have a full-time job and don’t have a product or service to sell?

Here's what we've found...

The EASIEST Way For People To Get Started Replacing Their Income Is To

Earn It While They Work At Their Full-Time Job!

This means:

  1. ...without having to spend a single penny out of pocket
  2. ...without having to create any products
  3. ...without having to quit your current job (just yet!)

And the ONLY WAY to do it without having to spend any money, create new products, or quit your job (for now) is through iGrowStack!

But before we get into that...

For Those Of You Who Don't Know Me...

My name is Jackie Burgoa.

I was born and raised in Bolivia and I was lucky enough to study architecture at U.C. Berkeley.

After I graduated, I got recruited by a Singaporean firm and realized then, business was in my blood.

So I decided to get my MBA and my Master of Science in Finance.

I built my first business with zero money, while I was working full-time selling life insurance, doing my MBA AND pregnant with my second child.

In addition, during these past 20+ years of business experience, I earned the following accolades:

So You Must Be Thinking...

What does that mean, exactly?

It means...

  • You can start earning a recurring income from iGrowStack today without a single penny out of pocket on your part...
  • EARN monthly recurring income by sharing iGrowStack’s RENT-TO-OWN Direct-To-Consumer eCom Stores with others you already deal with on a daily basis...
  • Offer these beautifully designed, custom built, high-quality, limited edition Shopify stores to any business who sells physical products, digital products or any kind of service. As a matter of fact, there are 12 things you can sell on Shopify (Other than Physical Products)
    1. Services (appointments)
    2. Memberships
    3. Consultations
    4. Digital products
    5. Event support
    6. Experiences
    7. Classes, lessons, and workshops
    8. Rentals
    9. Installations (and quotes)
    10. Donations
    11. Event tickets
    12. Digital gift cards
  • And, LEARN how to build your own Direct-to-Consumer eCom store (and build your business) in the process!

You Don’t NEED Your Own Products To Replace Your Current Income!

Sure, you might eventually create your own Direct-to-Consumer eCom store that sells products or services of your own…and that’s awesome!

But a LOT of people are currently making full-time recurring monthly income, simply by referring people to iGrowStack.

In fact...

You don’t even need to leave your job until you have fully replaced your income.

But before we get into that...

Then, you will no longer need your job. You’ll be already earning a reliable income, month-in and month-out…

(and the best part is, ALL you will be doing is sharing iGrowStack with others!)

Not only will iGrowStack show you how to replace your income so you will finally have the free time to do what you want...

...but you can actually earn money as a iGrowStack affiliate while you transition from your full-time job.

The #1 Mistake Employees Make, Is Thinking That To Earn Recurring Income Online, The First Thing They Have To Do Is Quit Their Job.

And they're wrong.

There are SO many people right now, with full-time jobs that barely make enough to survive!

But in truth, it’s hard to just get up and quit. The challenges they face is that selling online takes time. The learning curve can be steep and most people cannot simply transition out.

And, you also need money for ads, & to promote your online business. Something most employees can’t simply afford to do if they quit their jobs!

If they risk quitting too soon, they find out a little too late that they need something more than just a website to convert visitors to leads and leads to paying customers.

People Are Slowly Learning That It’s Not Just Selling Online

But, NETWORKING With The People You Already Do Business With, That Is The Secret To Replacing Your Income.

Because of that, there are hundreds of people who earn a FULL-TIME income just by telling others about iGrowStack.

So if you’re here right now, and just getting started, and you’re not quite sure what to do...

...that’s perfectly ok!

You can share iGrowStack with others as an affiliate, and generate full-time income, EVERY SINGLE MONTH.

  • You don’t need to have your own product to earn a recurring income...
  • Or a massive pre-existing list of people to sell to...
  • Or an active following on social media...

NONE of these are prerequisites for replacing your current income!

So the million dollar question becomes:

"How Can I Start Earning Money As An Affiliate NOW....

...even if I don't know what Direct-To-Consumer is yet?"

Let me share a quick story that will help you understand what Direct-To-Consumer is, and more importantly, why EVERY business owner out there needs one:

That Bonobos Grew From $0 To Over $300 Million In Under 10 Years Using The

Direct-to-Consumer Strategy...?

And then they got bought out by Walmart for a whooping, $310,000,000 million dollars...

But... they are not the only ones going direct to consumers. Other fast growing D2C companies are: Casper Mattresses, Glossier, Dollar Shave Club, Wish, Bombas, Postmates, Stitch Fix, just to name a few!

Yes, Post 2010, It’s All About The Direct Brand Economy!

Watch this video to see how the Direct-To-Consumer Strategy Is impacting all businesses today!

Businesses of ALL Types Need To Do What Bonobos Did And Actually Go 'Direct-To-Consumes.'

  1. Instead of selling only in their local retail store…
    …they can expand online and sell their products at markets, pop-ups, and in-store. Offer Buy Online, Pick-Up In-Store, Same-Day Delivery and/or Curbside Pickup. Order processing and accepting payments are all done from their Android phone, iPad, or iPhone...
  2. Instead of selling their services only at a local office…
    And while they're probably not going to offer their customers physical products… they could get pre-paid for their services, and even schedule their appointment directly online.

It works for Bonobos, it works for Stitch Fix... and it will work for any business owner wanting to sell their products or services directly-to-consumer online.

New visitors enter through the eCom store page…

And cash comes out the bottom...

Pretty cool, don't you think?

This Strategy Is Called "Direct-to-Consumer"

And We Pre-Build Rent-to-Own, Custom Built, Limited Edition D2C Shopify Stores

Believe it or not, even though it's incredibly simple and powerful, most businesses are still relying on offline stores or offices to sell their products or services.

But just like so many offline retail stores and professional services, even if people are buying, often times, after their operational costs, owners are probably not left with enough take-home profits. ☹️

And that's where you come in with the great news that Direct-To-Consumers is the answer to their lack of profits and broken business model.

Start Your FREE Affiliate Account > Sign-Up Takes Less Than 60 Seconds

In order to start replacing your income, and start generating money as an affiliate NOW...

You Need Promotional Tools Too!

If you are counting on your good looks and a little bit of luck to generate customers for you, then you don’t have a solid business and you can't have the impact on others that you want.

The truth is you can easily direct your entrepreneurial friends, business acquaintances, business owners you deal with or any other person who would benefit from this to a simple post or ad - AND refer them to iGrowStack.


Here's How The iGrowStack Affiliate Game Is Played...

With the OLD way, affiliate marketers would struggle to earn a profit.

If you spent $100 in ads to sell a company's $100 product, and get paid 20% commission…you LOSE $80 for every product you sell!

At that rate, you’ll be out of business as quickly as you started.

Not The Best Math, Right?


With iGrowStack’s NEW way of affiliate marketing...

You can spend that same $100 to sell these Rent-To-Own eCom Stores under your affiliate link, and earn 20% RECURRING commission ($100 EVERY month for each of your iGrowStack customers), and fast track your way to a full-time recurring income.

Every time a new iGrowStack customer signs up under your affiliate link, your monthly earnings snowball, with almost NO extra work on your part!

Are you seeing how valuable this is?

That's a minimum of $1,100 a year (and oftentimes it's more) for EACH new iGrowStack customer you sign up!

So Here's The Critical Question...

If ALL you had to do to get started replacing your income is send traffic to iGrowStack’s sales pages that are already created and PROVEN to convert...

(without actually needing any products of your own...)

How Many Leads Could You Generate Each Day, And Turn Into New Customers And Commission Checks?

But The Problem Is...

How Do You Build Your D2C Offer?

And How Do You Do It Without:

  • Hiring expensive programmers...
  • Trying to glue together 10+ systems...
  • Or spending a fortune…

Just To Create A Simple Page For Your Offer?

Before iGrowStack, whenever anyone attempted to build an online offer, they were probably FORCED into one of two options...

  • Option #1 - Hire a team of programmers
  • Option #2 - Attempt it themselves

And no matter which option they choose, after all was said and done, they'd either end up hiring it out...or wishing they had.

The worst part?

No matter which option they rolled with, they were stuck gluing together dozens of different pieces of software just to create ONE simple offer...

"Have You Ever Had A Great Idea And Then Felt Handcuffed

Because You Just Can't Seem To Put All The Right Pieces Together To Make Your Idea Come To Life?"

You know what I'm talking about.

You get a potential idea for a new product or service you'd like to start selling to make some additional income...

You see the vision...You know exactly what you need to do!

You know how this THING will change the world...

And Then...

You're Stuck...

You don't know how to code.

You don't know how to design.

You have no copywriting skills.

And while free and paid themes can be great for launching your business, a custom-built eCom experience is essential for building a brand and standing out in the crowded world of eCommerce.

Yes, you're being held back by the money-trap of having to hire expensive professionals and pay too much for something you don't even know will work or not...

And somehow, things that you’d think should be SO simple... things that should only take a few minutes...

Somehow become hours, and then days and then weeks.
With each passing day, your excitement for building your business gets dimmer and dimmer until one day it's gone...

Money wasted... time wasted... with little or nothing to show for it.

This Is The #1 Reason Why So Many People


They either don’t have the right knowledge in place to put an amazing offer together so they can generate a steady stream of new customers...

Or they can’t get a simple offer up and running at all.


  • What if you didn’t have to deal with learning a single line of code or any graphic design?
  • What if you could launch an entire offer in just MINUTES, so that you can generate recurring income for yourself instead?
  • What if you could take back the power of your own time?
  • What if you could earn money every time a new iGrowStack customer signs up under your affiliate link?
  • What if your earnings snowball, with almost NO extra work on your part?
  • What if you could help other employees stuck in their jobs do the same?



Affiliate Program

Our Affiliate Program Was Created For Employees That Felt Stuck In Their Jobs, Just Like You

...who aren't programmers
...who don't know how to design
...who have no copywriting skills

Can easily build recurring income using our ready built offers that are proven to convert!

It’s The SHORTCUT To Replacing Your Income...FAST!

In As Little As 15 MINUTES!

Finally...a real solution to your predicament of wanting to be free but not being able to quit your job!

Start Your FREE Affiliate Account > Sign-Up Takes Less Than 60 Seconds

iGrowStack Is Currently Helping Countless Other People Just Like YOU…

Cat Howell Cat Howell, Eight Loop Social, Inc.

Dana Roberts Dana Roberts, Alyssa's Garden

The Only Question Is...

Are YOU Next?

Let Me Show You The SIMPLICITY Of How iGrowStack Works…

Step #1:

Pick Your Promotional Offer

First, you pick the Webinar or Masterclass sales offer that is scientifically pre-designed to sell our Rent-to-Own stores... so you can finally send traffic to the offer and watch sales come in.

Step #2:

Pick Your Promotional Materials

Then, from you affiliate dashboard, you choose the promotional material you like best... so you can post on Facebook, Instagram, your blog if you have one, send them emails, or even run ads if that is what you prefer. Professional “graphic designers” would charge you an arm and a leg to create them for you.

Step #3:

Setup Your Bonus Delivery

In your affiliate dashboard, add your own bonuses and set your bonus delivery URL. It will automatically include them on the product success page & an email will be automatically sent to your customer providing the URL to access their bonuses.

Step #4:

Add Your Tracking Code

Set your own tracking code to fire at any point during your offer. This allows you to independently track the results of your affiliate promotions and ads and will lead to more engaged promotions. This gives you complete control!

Step #5:

Send Your Contacts To The Offer

Last, simply copy and paste the affiliate links inside your affiliate dashboard and send your contacts to the offer!

Yes, In Less Than 10 Minutes, You Can Create What Would Have Taken A Tech & Marketing Team Weeks To Do...

It Gives You The Power To Take Back Control Of Your Own Time... And Turn It Into YOUR Recurring Income.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, when you use iGrowStack Affiliate Program, not only can you do it all yourself without spending hours and hours trying to figure it all out...

...You can stop paying for expensive websites, copywriters, designers and kiss email autoresponder services goodbye too!

(Is it ok if we over-deliver?)

Even if you're not ready for all that now, I'm too excited to keep this a secret...

Yes, iGrowStack’s Affiliate Program Gives You EVERYTHING You Need To Market, Sell, AND Deliver Your Affiliate Offer Online...

All In One Convenient Spot...

It's like taking a huge mix of different tools, techies, graphic designers, copywriters & marketers...and having ONE place do it all for you! And the best part, it does not cost you a thing!

You seriously can't miss out on this.

But don’t take my word for it...

Unless your income is where you want it to be and you're able to comfortably survive if you lose your job tomorrow...

Then I want you to sign up for a FREE Affiliate account today, and see for yourself how simple it is to offer something that business owners around the world actually need...even if you're no good at selling or you've never sold an affiliate offer before!

Start Your FREE Affiliate Account > Sign-Up Takes Less Than 60 Seconds

Can You See How Freeing This Is For An Employee Who Is Stuck In A Job?

Because iGrowStack is so easy and simple to use:

  • You don’t need to wait weeks or months, or rely on a marketing agency...
  • You don’t need to hire an entire tech team…
  • You don’t need to hire expensive designers…
  • You don’t need to hire expensive copywriters...
  • You don’t need to worry about the money you’re losing every day that you work for somebody else.

"But Jackie...

...How Do I Know Which Offer Will Work Best For Drawing In New Customers?”

If you just got started replacing your income, we created 2 DIFFERENT TYPES OF HIGH CONVERTING OFFERS for you. They are pre-designed to convert (you will find them inside your affiliate dashboard)!

Here are the two offers you can choose from.  Each of these are designed to help you in different ways:

$0- to $300 Million in Under 10 Years” - WEBINAR

The Automated Webinar works best if you want to give your attendees the option to post questions we can reply later.

$0- to $300 Million in Under 10 Years” - MASTERCLASS

The Masterclass works best if you want to give them the option to watch it at their own pace or if they don’t have the time to watch the video, they can read the transcript instead.

...BUT REPLACING YOUR INCOME DOES NOT END THERE - The more you sell, the more you get. So there are 3 KEY Upgrades you get as your sales increase…

"Get These 3 'Secret' Upgrades

Specifically Designed For You

When You Sign-Up For Your FREE Affiliate Account Today!"

When you get started with your FREE Affiliate account today, I’ll include a special FREE upgrade you will automatically qualify for as soon as you reach each benchmark...

Secret Upgrade #1:

You get an additional 5% commission for 2nd-Tier affiliates you recruit after you have 5 active rented stores. This will help you speed up the process of replacing your income and taking back control of your own time...

Secret Upgrade #2:

You get your own $15,000 value Rent-to-Own iGrowStack, Custom Built, Limited Edition Shopify Store after you have 25 active rented stores. This will help you start building your own online business so that by the time you have replaced your income, you can hit the ground running!

Secret Upgrade #3:

You can win a car (Masserati? Ferrari?). After you have 100 active rented stores you will receive a $500.00 monthly payment towards a car you lease. And after you have 200 active rented stores you will receive a $1,000.00 monthly payment towards a car you lease...

Start Your FREE Affiliate Account > Sign-Up Takes Less Than 60 Seconds

Here’s A Sample Of What You’ll Get Access To With Your iGrowStack Affiliate Account...

Offer Your Clients Our Highly Sought-After Rent-to-Own Custom Built, Limited Edition Shopify Stores:
You can now offer these beautiful, especially designed for brands, custom built, limited edition pre-built Shopify Stores to entrepreneurial friends, business owners you know, business acquaintances, or anyone who may benefit from them.

They simply need to ‘replace the images, videos, text and merchant accounts.’ No need to hire expensive developers. Simple for ANYONE (even non-technical people) to launch a beautifully designed, direct-to-consumer eCom store in minutes...and sophisticated enough to build any brand!

Earn 20% Of The Monthly $497 Revenue For Each Rented Store:
Affiliates receive recurring commissions for iGrowStack rented Shopify Stores as long as they are active (no matter the time). Once the user cancels the account, or the 30 payments are completed, the commission will stop.

Earn 5% Additional Revenue For 2nd-Tier Affiliates:
2nd-tier affiliates essentially help you speed up the process of replacing your income. It rewards you for bringing more affiliates to promote our products. In return for recruiting affiliates, after you have 5 active rented stores, you are going to get a 5% cut on the sales they make.

Your Own Rent-to-Own Custom Built Shopify Store:
Let’s be honest. By the time you have sold 25 active Rent-To-Own Shopify stores, you are pretty familiar with the Direct-to-Consumer strategy. Besides, you are well on your way to replacing your income. This means, after you have 25 active rented stores, it is time for you to start building YOUR OWN business and be financially free!

Win A Car (Masserati? Ferrari?):
Win a car (Masserati? Ferrari?) after you have 100 active rented stores you will receive a $500.00 monthly payment towards a car you lease and $1,000.00 monthly when you reach 200 active rented stores.

Automated Webinar Promotional Offer:
Stream our automated webinar across the globe and see your conversion rate skyrocket. They are available at specific times to accommodate different time zones. You do not have to be there for your audience when it airs allowing you to scoop up the audience from all over the globe, without having to disrupt your sleep schedule.

In addition, it has a Q&A section that allows attendees to post their questions we can reply to later. You’ll find it easier than ever before to scale your webinar marketing efforts -- and profit while you do.

Masterclass Promotional Offer:
Our masterclass is like a mini-boot camp. It is free of charge and all they need to do is enter their email to access the class. The masterclasses is similar to going to a conference and watching a talk live. The video is streamed on-demand and cannot be downloaded.

The benefit is that during the masterclasses, they can watch the video at their own pace on demand from anywhere in the world with a decent internet connection. It is extremely helpful because they have an experienced person guiding the participants understand the material, and advance more quickly than working solo.

Urgency Built Into All Offers:
iGrowStack has all the “ingredients” that increases urgency or maximizes lead and sales conversion by offering only 100 LIMITED EDITION for each themed store.

Once the 100 beautifully designed, custom built stores are rented out, they are removed from future offers and are gone for good. No one can ever get them again.

Retargeting Your Promotions:
Create retargeting messages that push directly into your customer audiences on Facebook, Instagram, Google and other channels. You can add your own tracking code to your product and segment your audience based on WHERE they left your funnel, and craft a specific message that shows how they can take the next step.

Webinar Follow Up Email Automation:
This is Marketing Automation made easy! Most of your audience won’t buy the first time you make an offer. In fact, it takes the average customer 7 interactions before they BUY. We created follow-up behavioral based automated emails that reconnect with and wins back your customers, using email sequences, retargeting and more!

Masterclass Follow Up Email Automation:
We created incredible looking emails that push straight to the inbox of your subscribers! These automated follow-up sequences are scheduled during “time windows” when they are likely to get opened. If they don’t buy, it will automatically reschedule another email using a different subject line.

Promotional Materials:
All of your contacts behave differently, and spend time in different places throughout the day...right? That’s why we created a MULTITUDE of promotional materials. Just access your affiliate dashboard and download any of the promos you can send through email, social media, direct mail, retargeting ads, desktop/mobile, and inside your blog.

One-Click Shopping Cart:
Our cart was created for maximum conversion. Instantly generate MORE sales with our two-step order forms, order form bumps, one-click upsells/downsells, and more! And yes, you get an additional commission fee from the bumps and upsells as well!

Conversion Stats Cockpit:
Get all the reports & stats you need in one easy-to-read dashboard to quickly check the “health” of your promotions. At a glance, your data & analytics will show you what’s working, what’s not, and where your biggest opportunities to increase conversions are! You'll see data such as Clicks, Conversion Rate, EPC, Average Order Value, & Refund Rate, Net Commission & Gross Sales just to name a few!

Your Bonus Delivery:
As an affiliate, it’s very common to offer bonuses or incentives to customers for purchasing through your affiliate link. As an iGrowStack affiliate, you can automatically provide access to these bonuses after they’ve purchased. To get started, simply head over to your affiliate dashboard and select the product you’re promoting. Then select the tab for Bonus Delivery and upload your bonuses.

Your Tracking Code:
As an affiliate, we know it’s important to understand and track the results of your promotions. Which is why you can add your own unique tracking codes as your referred customers go through the checkout funnel. To set things up, simply head over to your affiliate dashboard and select the product you’re promoting. Then select the Tracking Code tab.

Affiliate Activity Dashboard:
From the affiliate dashboard, you will have an immediate overview of your performance for different time periods. You can review all the products you have signed up to promote. A list of all the products you have been approved for, or waiting for approval will also be listed here. You can click on each of these products and will be taken to that specific products area.

Affiliate Transactions Dashboard:
As an affiliate, you’re going to want to know how much commission you’re earning and when you’re going to get paid. Even though we describe them in detail on our affiliate page, you can also find these details within your affiliate dashboard. Once inside there, you will see all the commission details of the product and any bump or upsells which may be attached.

Commission History:
With iGrowStack’s affiliate program, you get EVERYTHING inside the affiliate dashboard. As soon as you login into your dashboard, you will be able to see: Your net commissions. Your gross sales. Refunds and refund amounts. You also get to choose any time period, even custom range dates. PLUS you get a historical list of all your commission payments!

Great Mobile Optimization:
By default, all of our custom built, limited edition stores are instantly mobile. No matter what device your customer is on, their D2C eCom store will look awesome!

But Even MORE Important Than What You’ll GET...Is What You Won't Need Later...

iGrowStack Affiliate Program is your “1 stop-shop” for EVERYTHING you need to replace your income.

That means you won't need to buy...

  • Landing Pages
  • Sales Pages
  • ​Automated Webinar
  • Masterclasses
  • ​Shopping Cart
  • ​Email Autoresponder
  • Promotional Graphics
  • Photoshop
  • WordPress
  • ​Your Website Hosting
  • ​Programmer Services
  • Designer Services
  • Copywriting services
  • ​Webmasters
  • ​...and so much more!

Can You See Why The Old Way Of Trying To Replace Your Income Was So Overwhelming For Most Employees Stuck In A Job?

It's actually amazing that ANYONE has been successful walking out of a job and being able to replace their income when you look at everything it takes just to get ONE online business up profitably.

Yet, with iGrowStack Affiliate Program, you can easily REPLACE YOUR INCOME using everything we built for you, with a simple to use "Affiliate Dashboard" that literally makes this process SO effortless that anyone (even NON-techies) can do it!

If you can imagine taking your time and financial freedom back... then you have everything you need inside iGrowStack’s Affiliate Dashboard!

Yes, iGrowStack Affiliate Program Has EVERYTHING You Need To Replace Your Income NOW!

All On ONE Easy-To-Use Dashboard!

Now, I know that you've seen some cool stuff, and there are literally DOZENS of other awesome things I could show you inside of iGrowStack that will help your clients grow their companies...

But my goal isn't to 'SELL' you iGrowStack, because today I wanted to make you a very special offer where you can become an iGrowStack affiliate... for FREE!

Yes, that means you can get your own iGrowStack affiliate account today for free, and play with everything for the next 14 days, and put us to the test.

If we don't completely simplify your life, increase your revenue and help you FINALLY replace your income, then let us know anytime in that 14-day window and we will immediately remove you as an affiliate. 

But, before you get started, I wanted to give you a few things to help guarantee your success. Let me show you:

Sign Up For Your FREE iGrowStack Affiliate Account, And

Get These 4 Amazing BONUSES!

BONUS #1: Three Months FREE Marketpedia Academy

Why waste time reinventing the wheel?

There’s NO need trying to figure out how to promote your offers!

So I’m going to give you a 3-MONTH FREE access to our Marketpedia Digital Marketing Academy.

All you have to do is sign-up and with just 1-click of a button, ALL the marketing channels available to promote your offers will be INSTANTLY shared with you.

I’m a BIG fan of anything that simplifies my business, saves me time, or creates a shortcut…which is why these marketing courses are so helpful (especially if you’re just starting out).

These courses will save you a ton of time and money because you will now be able to communicate with your marketing team in a way that benefits both of you.  

You will:

  • Learn how to generate targeted traffic quickly
  • Drive more buyers to your store
  • Understand marketing campaigns
  • Successfully communicate with your marketing agency
  • Hire the right marketing people
  • Learn about the different marketing channels
  • And much, much more

BONUS #2: eCommerce Masterclass

After building dozens of eCom stores...

And Direct-To-Consumer companies...

I wanted to share with you EXACTLY what we’ve learned (this is a simple, introductory course to eCom and Direct-to-Consumer sales).

This training is called:


This is hands-down one of the most important trainings we’ve ever given to our clients and affiliates.

So in the eCommerce masterclass, you are going to cover topics such as:

  • What is eCommerce and why you should take notice
  • Why eCommerce is the future
  • An introduction to eCommerce business models for high street stores, bloggers and marketers and side businesses
  • Split testing
  • Your eCommerce store platform
  • More ways to generate more sales with pricing and persuasive writing
  • Marketing your eCommerce store with SEO, Content Marketing, Social Media and PPC

BONUS #3: D2C Landscape Excel Spreadsheet

This is a detailed consumer category map. It gives you a global view of different direct-to-consumer market sizes and growth opportunities.

If you’re just getting started with direct-to-consumer sales, this is going to be a major help!

With this map you can instantly see the markets that are ripe for D2C disruption which enables your clients to plan ahead for industries VCs are targeting to buy.

It shows you things like:

  • Global market size
  • Market growth
  • Barriers to entry
  • Repeat rate retention
  • Purchase frequency
  • Average order value
  • Value to weight ratio
  • Gross margin
  • Manufacturing complexity
  • Market concentration
  • Market saturation
  • Existing brand affinity, and much, much more

You may be asking yourself, "Why would my clients care what VCs are buying? How does that affect their business?"

Knowing the industries and markets VCs are interested in, let's them plan ahead of time to see the best industry category that may give them a higher opportunity of increasing their company's value for a profitable future exit.

BONUS #4: D2C Master Deck

And, as if this wasn't amazing enough already...I got one more thing for you!

I had to go through months of research and launch numerous eCom stores to fully understand what works when you go direct-to-consumer. But you won't have to because I am giving you the blueprint that shows you how the NEW Direct Brand Economy works.

This is going to make it faster and easier for you to sell your clients the Direct-to-Consumer concept. How? Because it shows step-by-step all the parts needed to be successful and it also shows you case studies of successful companies that are currently using the D2C business model.

You will absolutely 100% confident that what you have to offer your clients is a game changer. You see, there is a disruption affecting businesses across the world today. If your clients are not creating a D2C channel as part of their marketing plan, they have become vulnerable.

Start Your FREE Affiliate Account > Sign-Up Takes Less Than 60 Seconds

Can You See Why So Many Business Owners Are...

Jumping Into The iGrowStack Movement?

So what other options do these business owners have?

If they have a business right now, and they do not want to join the new consumer driven economy, then they are probably better off exiting their business before it continues to lose value. In this chart you will see the average valuation ranges based on their current annual profit.

Start Your FREE Affiliate Account > Sign-Up Takes Less Than 60 Seconds

As You Can See... iGrowStack Affiliate Program Has Already Helped Countless Employees Around The World Replace Their Income...

The Question Is,

Are YOU Next?

Let’s see:

  • Your income replaced...done!
  • Your bills taken care of...done!
  • Your car paid for....done!
  • Free time...done!
  • Your own eCom store...done!

...So, what are you waiting for!? You may never get an opportunity like this again!

Like I mentioned before, you can sign-up for a FREE iGrowStack Affiliate Account and see if iGrowStack is for you!

Oh, and in case you're wondering...

"Ok Jackie…all this free stuff… What’s the catch?"

There Is NO CATCH!

But there IS a very specific reason why I’m doing this...

A few reasons, actually:

  • ​It’s one of the best ways I can think of to give back and contribute. I firmly believe that in order to keep growing in business, at a certain point, the student must become the teacher, and help others who are on the same journey.
  • iGrowStack needs to be EXPERIENCED in order to fully grasp how it can help simplify and grow your customer’s companies. You wouldn’t dream of buying a car without first taking it for a test drive to see what it can do (and if it’s the right fit), right?

I've tried to give you EVERY reason to say YES, but now it is YOUR choice.

So, what's it gonna be?

If you want to choose the life of financial security and freedom...I’m giving you the incredibly simple, easy, cheap and quick way to switch over to the side of life where worries are few and fun is a-plenty!

Make no mistake. Your decision whether to sign up for an affiliate account or not does not affect me or my lifestyle one bit.

I won’t live any differently than I do now. My life won’t change one lick if you decide against coming on board with us.

But...YOUR LIFE could change dramatically when you take advantage of this rare opportunity to start on my shoulders - and get everything you need to make it rain.

You have everything to gain, and nothing to lose.

You’ve already paid your dues in life, and now it’s YOUR TIME to get the payback!

If You Do Nothing...

Nothing Happens.

Time Is Of The Essence...

If you've made it this far, you’ve already taken a gigantic step forward.

The next step?


And this is the clear line that separates winners from the losers.

Action is the real key to making it big in this world full of dreamers and armchair mystics.

  • Anyone can say they want riches.
  • Anyone can set goals for riches.
  • Anyone can dream of riches.

But the rewards come only to those who actually DO SOMETHING, not talk about doing something.

You can elect to grab the riches within your reach now, or continue living your life as usual.

I think the choice is clear.

You Might Be Thinking...

"Do You Have A Guarantee?"

Of course. 🙂

We guarantee that you and your clients will LOVE iGrowStack...

We don't believe in any long term contracts so you and your clients can come and go as you please.

Additionally, below is our money-back guarantee when your clients sign up for iGrowStack...



You sign up today.

You get the entire iGrowStack package!

Go through the theme you rented.

Start getting your images, texts, videos, merchant accounts ready to be uploaded to your iGrowHack’s Shopify store…

WANT you to check out the eCom store as much as possible.

If you don’t like us for any reason at all, I don’t care if it’s 13 days, 23 hours, and 59 minutes from today, just let me know and we’ll give you your money back.


So, Are You Excited About iGrowStack’s Affiliate Program Yet? 🙂

If So, Then NOW Is The Time To Take Action!

Here's What You Need To Do Right Now:

Start Your FREE Affiliate Account > Sign-Up Takes Less Than 60 Seconds

So Let's Recap What You Get When You Sign-Up As An Affiliate Today...

Here’s Everything You’ll Get...

  • 20% Monthly Commission of the $497 Monthly Fee For Every "iGrowStack: Rent-To-Own eCom Store" Sale
  • 3 Months FREE Marketpedia
  • eCommerce Masterclass
  • D2C Landscape Excel Spreadsheet
  • D2C Master Deck

Total Value: $1,682 + 20%

Get Started Today For:


Start Your FREE Affiliate Account Sign-Up Takes Less Than 60 Seconds

    From here it's just finalizing the details. Click on the button above, enter your information, and we can finally get started!

    Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

    Jackie Burgoa

    30 days from now you can be nothing more than 30 days older or screeching off to the wildest ride of your life using iGrowStack to replace your income. You choose.

    Here Are A Few Other FAQs We Get A Lot:

    ❓ What’s the commission percentage for affiliates?
    The commission percentage is 20% for all bumps and recurring purchases. Upsells differ depending on the offer.

    ❓ When will I receive my commission payments?
    To account for the 30-day refund period, you will receive your initial commission payments about 45 days after the initial sale. You will also receive any recurring monthly commissions once a month, and any recurring annual commissions once a year.

    ❓ How will I be paid?
    All payments are sent automatically to your PayPal Business Account, which you connected in your iGrowStack Affiliate Portal. NOTE: You must have a PayPal Business Account, which you can easily setup when you create your affiliate account.

    ❓ How long are your contracts?
    There are NO long term contracts or commitments. You can promote iGrowStack month to month, and cancel your affiliate account at any time you'd like!

    ❓ Where can I manage my commissions and PayPal account?
    Our affiliate program is hosted and managed by ThriveCart, our website’s shopping cart service. You will have a ThriveCart login, which will give you access to product links, sales results, refunds, commissions, and payouts.

    ❓ Are there prizes for top affiliates?
    Our iGrowStack affiliate program is designed specifically for successful affiliates. The more you sell, the more you get:

    • You get an additional 5% commission for 2nd-Tier affiliates you recruit after you have 5 active rented stores.
    • You get your own $15,000 value Rent-to-Own iGrowStack, Custom Built, Limited Edition Shopify Store after you have 25 active rented stores.
    • You can win a car (Masserati? Ferrari?). After you have 100 active rented stores you will receive a $500.00 monthly payment towards a car you lease.
    • And after you have 200 active rented stores you will receive a $1,000.00 monthly payment towards a car you lease...

    ❓ If I have questions, is there someone I can talk to?
    Yes! We have a first class support team who can answer your questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Just click here to reach our Support Desk.

    ❓ Do I have to install anything?
    No! We created iGrowStack so you wouldn't have to have a whole I.T. department to run your affiliate offers! Just login into your affiliate dashboard, and you can access your promotional webinar and masterclass links as well as download all your promotional assets from there!

    ❓ Can you handle the load?
    Yes! Because iGrowStack’s stores are hosted on Shopify (the most secure and reliable eCom platform in the world) and ThriveCart for our secure checkout, we have virtually unlimited ability to scale your client sales in real time. Whether you send 100 visitors or 100,000+ today, it won't slow us down!

    ❓ Where should I send customers when they have questions?
    Please direct any customer service questions or issues to our Support Desk. We will be happy to help!

    ❓ Where can I find my unique affiliate links?
    Your unique affiliate URLs are in your iGrowStack affiliate account. NOTE: you can use ANY of the affiliate links and you will receive credit for any sale, despite which promotional offer or payment option the customer chooses.

    ❓ Can I host the pages and promotions myself?
    No, all promotional assets provided in your affiliate dashboard were built using a hosted, "software-as-a-service" platform. We do it to make sure you get all of the updates, new features, and so your promotions won't break.

    ❓ Where can I find my sales and promotional stats?
    All of your stats, sales results, and other payment information is in your iGrowStack affiliate account.

    ❓ What are your future plans for the Affiliate Program?
    iGrowStack is a fast-growing company. We are composed of 7 growth stacks.  We have very aggressive growth plans for our affiliate program.

    ❓ If I don't want to be an iGrowStack Affiliate anymore, how do I cancel?
    Simply send us an email requesting we cancel your account and consider it done!

    Start Your FREE Affiliate Account > Sign-Up Takes Less Than 60 Seconds
    Cat Howell Cat Howell, Eight Loop Social, Inc.

    Dana Roberts Dana Roberts, Alyssa's Garden